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Dead Air Consumer Promo - Up to $100 Gift Card

November 12, 2021 No comments

DEAD AIR'S FALL 2021 CONSUMER PROMO - November 15 to December 15th

When you purchase any Dead Air suppressor in during the promotion you're eligible for up to $100 gift card per suppressor. Simply purchase and register with Dead Air (https://deadairsilencers.com/ConsumerPromo/) to receive a gift card for their online store. All registrations must be completed by December 24th, 2021.

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What cans are eligible?

$100 Gift Card

  • Sandman-K - Ultra compact, ultra durable rifle suppression.
  • Sandman-L - When absolute decibel reduction matters, and bomb-proof durability is needed.
  • Nomad-30 - Quiet, lightweight, and versatile. The Nomad-30 is extremely well rounded.
  • Nomad-L - The benefits of the Nomad-30, but in a longer and quieter version.
  • Wolfman (Black) - Excellent subgun (and more!) suppression.

$75 Gift Card

  • Sandman-S (BLK and FDE) - The compact, bombproof, low backpressure rifle legend.
  • Wolverine - Built from the ground up to suppress AK's and other com-bloc firearms.
  • Nomad-Ti - A titanium Nomad-30. The same versatility, but a fraction of the weight.
  • Nomad L-Ti - Super quiet, super light. Designed for those who want maximum suppression and minimal weight.
  • Primal - Versatility is the name of the game. The Primal can suppress most everything with ease.
  • Wolfman (Naked) - A raw version of their Wolfman silencer. For those who want a little bling to their PCC.
  • Ghost M - Dead Air's original pistol suppressor. Modular, versatile, and a classic.
  • Odessa 9 - User-configurable 9mm suppression that doesn't block traditional pistol sights.

$50 Gift Card

  • Mask 22 - One of the most quiet rimfire silencers on the market, and also one of the toughest.

What accessories are needed?

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