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NFA / Title II (also known as Class 3) weapons can be transferred or titled to an individual or other legal entity such as a trust or corporation. An NFA trust is a customized revocable living trust to ensure compliance with Title II/Class 3/NFA firearms. Filing your NFA weapon with a trust has many benefits over filing as an individual:
  • Co-trustees may have access to NFA weapons
  • Firearms are inherited outside of the probate process and do not require ATF forms or intervention in the event of death
  • Trusts are flexible and may be amended without ATF involvement
  • Privacy - the NFA trust is not a public document and does not require filing with your state of residence
  • Estate planning benefits


41f did not change the benefits of using a Gun Trust and Capitol Armory continues to recommend a NFA trust rather than transferring as an individual. Transferring to an existing corporation is another option worth considering, but if you are considering setting up a corporate entity for the sole purpose of obtaining NFA / Title II weapons, it's usually quicker, easier, and cheaper to go the trust route. The trust can be set up before or after purchasing an NFA item from Capitol Armory, but it must be established before Form 4 filing. Capitol Armory offers a 50-state Legal, Do It Yourself (DIY) NFA Firearms Trust. Click here to review the benefits of our Trust over others on the market.


Over the years, we've seen trusts from all over the country and occasionally, we get feedback from our customers regarding the attorney's availability, processing and turnaround time, fees, etc. The attorneys below consistently receive good remarks from our clients; therefore, we feel comfortable recommending them to you.

James (Jim) Willi -

Jim can handle your NFA trust regardless of location within Texas, and after a phone or in-person consultation, he typically has your NFA trust delivered via email that day. Thousands of our clients have used Jim's services and have had nothing but great things to say about him. Jim is a competitive shooter, a Certified NRA Instructor, and was recognized by his attorney peers as a "Super Lawyer" in 2015. Give Jim a call at 512-288-3200 or visit his website: Jim is licensed to practice in Texas and Colorado and can assist Colorado and Texas residents with NFA trusts.



Capitol Armory offers the best 50-state legal NFA firearms trust. For the same price as other DIY trusts, you'll receive a trust designed specifically for NFA items, plus the added benefits of: a co-trustee appointment and removal at any time and instant delivery via email.