Buying a suppressor (or any other NFA item) online only takes a few steps:
    1. Browse our online catalog and add each item to your cart.
    2. Proceed through the checkout process and pay your order. For Texas residents, we collect the $200 transfer tax per NFA item at checkout.
    3. Texas Residents: Submit your transferee information via our customer wizard.  
      Non-Texas Residents: Select a local FFL/SOT dealer from our list of dealers, or provide contact info for your preferred dealer. 

After your order is submitted, detailed instructions regarding any remaining required steps are provided both on-screen and via email. 

TEXAS RESIDENTS: We prepare and file the Form 4 paperwork for you. You will receive an email prompting you to enter your transferee information and documents into our system via our customer wizard. You will also receive a separate email regarding fingerprints with details on where to have them taken and how to send the fingerprint cards to us. You can even take your own fingerprints at home. We store all of your transferee information digitally, including fingerprints, so you only need to provide it once. 

Once you complete the customer wizard and we receive the required fingerprint card(s), you will receive an email to digitally sign your forms via DocuSign. Once all parties have signed, we will mail the forms to the ATF, and you'll receive a status update via email letting you know they've been mailed. 

Upon ATF approval, you'll receive another status update via email with detailed instructions on how to pick up your item(s) or have your item(s) shipped direct to your residence. 


NON-TEXAS RESIDENTS: We must transfer your suppressor to your preferred local FFL/SOT dealer in your state. After your order is placed, we will prompt you to select a FFL/SOT dealer from our list of dealers. This list of dealers is simply who we have transferred to in the past. If you want to transfer to a dealer in our list, we highly suggest you contact them first to make sure they will accept the transfer and that you are comfortable with their transfer rate and doing business with them.

If your preferred local dealer is not in our list, please have your dealer send a copy of their FFL/SOT to [email protected] Your dealer must have both an FFL and SOT to deal in NFA items. If your dealer does not have an SOT, we cannot transfer to them, so please be sure they have both before requesting them to send their information to us. Please also be sure to have your dealer reference your name and/or order number when sending their FFL/SOT via email. 

Once your local dealer is attached to your account, we will file the Form 3 to transfer to them. You will receive a status update via email letting you know the Form 3 has been filed. Upon BATFE approval, we will ship your order to your local dealer and our system will email you the tracking number. 

Once your order arrives at your local dealer, you should contact them to begin the Form 4 transfer process. Your local dealer will collect your transferee information/documents and the $200 BATFE transfer tax per NFA item, as well as a transfer fee for himself for handling your Form 4 paperwork and storing your items.