Please keep in mind forms are not returned in the order they are sent. These dates should only be used as a guide, and in many cases, the dates on this page will not reflect your approval date or when your form will be returned to Capitol Armory. We will notify you as soon as we receive your approval from the ATF. Please read this page in its entirety before contacting Capitol Armory.

We are currently receiving approvals for forms submitted on the following dates:


 Currently Receiving Approvals From:
Form 3 5-21 days from submission
Paper Form 4 Trust/Corp 6/1/20 - 2/22/21
Paper Form 4 Individual 6/1/20-2/3/21
Electronic Form 4 To be determined!


Last updated on 1/26/2022. 


The ATF examiners in charge of approving your Form 4s are working from home diligently approving forms. If you've contacted the ATF regarding your approval and have an approved Form 4, please allow 30 days for it to arrive at our facility. The examiners are not immediately mailing your approvals since they are rarely visiting the NFA branch to turn in approvals for mailing.



On 12/23/21, the ATF released a new and improved eForms website to submit electronic Form 4s. Many people in the industry expect the new eForms system to provide 90-day approvals, and we are likely to see that at some point in the future. Keep in mind, each responsible party (co-trustee or individual) must undergo a background check at the FBI. If your background check is instantly approved (your background is squeaky clean) there is a chance the ATF will approve your Form 4 quickly. It is our understanding that if you do not receive a quick background check or have multiple responsible parties (more than one trustee on your trust), your Form 4 will take longer to approve even if it is electronically filled. 



Each responsible party (co-trustee or individual) must undergo a background check at the FBI. Your background check may be instantly approved, denied, or delayed. A delay at the FBI is not the same as a delay at your local gun store. A delay at the FBI requires a manual review performed by an FBI employee. We've seen delays take up to eight months to complete. Further, the system between the ATF and FBI is not updated frequently.  If your form is on the later end of the time frame we're seeing for approvals, it is very likely that either you or a responsible party received a delay at the FBI. 



Capitol Armory will notify you via email the moment we receive your approved form. We suggest you whitelist our domain ( to ensure you receive our emails correctly. At any time, you may log into your account using the email address and password established when you ordered. Each order will show: Processing, eForm4 submitted, Form 4 mailed, Form 4 approved, etc. If the status of your order is eForm4 submitted or Form 4 mailed, it simply means we are waiting on the ATF to approve your paperwork. If the status of your order is Form 4 approved, you have been notified via email and you can pick up your items at our shop (TX residents only) or prepare the paperwork to have the suppressor shipped direct to your residence.  



  • Forms are not considered "late" until the submission date (date we notified you it was mailed) falls a few weeks outside of the dates posted above. We monitor the progress of all ATF forms to ensure forms are not misplaced at the ATF/NFA branch. Recently, we've seen a small percentage of forms exceed the current average wait time. In every case, a responsible party of the transfer has had their background check at the FBI delayed. Details are not provided to Capitol Armory, but if you believe your background check may have been delayed, please contact the NFA Branch (304-616-4500) and ask to speak with the examiner for your form. You will need your serial number available when you call. The serial number can be found on your order confirmation email or in your account order details.
  • The NFA branch may take up to 30 days to mail your approved form to us. Capitol Armory will notify you as soon as we receive your approval.
  • If your Form 4 was submitted on or around the date range listed above and you have not been notified of an approval, please be patient as each assigned examiner works at a different pace.
  • Orders with multiple Form 4s submitted to the ATF at the same time may be assigned to different examiners and approvals may return to us a few weeks apart. We will notify you via email when each form is approved, as well as when your entire order is approved.
  • The dates above are the dates the forms were mailed/submitted to the ATF.