Free Stamp! Firearm + Silencer Combo Deal

Now's a great time to take advantage of some wild approval times, get a new gun, and save $200 when purchasing a silencer!

If you want to take advantage of a free tax stamp, just toss a firearm and silencer of your choice into your cart and check out.  We'll apply a $200 savings to cover the tax stamp for you.  No coupon codes or fancy tricks are necessary.  Just purchase both items at the same time and instantly save!

While we recommend a perfect pairing, your purchases don't have to be for each other.   You can mix and match- a pistol combined with a rifle silencer will still qualify!  If you're looking for a few great combos to add to your arsenal, below are some ideas we think any NFA-loving American will enjoy.

For an extra special (and extra limited) promo, add an Omega 9K to your cart along with a B&T APC9K or APC9 Pro and we'll cover the cost of the suppressor!


Pairs to Pursue

PWS MK116 MOD2-M +Huxwrx Flow 556K

This combo is a great all-around winner.  A quality AR combined a zero-backpressure silencer provides a soft, accurate, and enjoyable experience.  A setup like this is a staple for any firearm lover's collection.  


B&T APC9 Pro + SilencerCo Omega 9K

Tiny, compact, and affordable to shoot!  The APC9 with a 9K on the end is a fantastic setup for the range, home defense, or to toss in a backpack for travel.  With some 147 grain pills, it's a quiet setup that will put a smile on anyone's face.


B&T SPC9 + EA Sonus 9

Sometimes looks are important.  The SPC9 was made for a Sonus 9 on the end.  It's one of the most beautiful PCC setups we've seen in the shop.  Not only does she look great, but she also performs like a dream.


FN 509C + Dead Air Mojave 9

The FM509C is a compact pistol, and the balance of the Mojave 9 keeps the shooting experience feeling great. This combo isn't only great at the range; the 509C is a fantastic carry gun. With the Mojave 9 on the end, it's one of the quietest experiences you can have outside of the library.  


Hush Puppy Glock + Rugged Obsidian 9

Combine the popularity and reliability of a Glock with one of the most popular pistol suppressors, and you've got a great setup.  The Hush Puppy Project takes it one step further, combining a slide-lock system onto the pistol.  The ability to lock the slide removes all the port noise, enhancing the experience tremendously.  


Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Legion + SilencerCo Osprey 9

The P320 XCarry Legion is a top-tier variant of the popular P320.  It's got all the bells and whistles, including a cut for your favorite red-dot optic to sit on top.  It's one sexy pistol, and we love the Osprey 9 on there for more than just vanity!  The Osprey 9 offers great suppression with a great tone.