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Quiet In The Capitol 3

March 12, 2020 No comments

Capitol Armory’s annual ‘Quiet in the Capitol’ event was a tremendous success. While it was only the third year of hosting the event, it has grown larger than any of us expected. This year we had more attendees, more manufacturers, and a more efficient system overall to reduce line times and congestion.

State of the Industry – November 2019 Wait Times

November 13, 2019 2 comments

Many questions and confusion surround wait times and the industry. This post dives into frequently asked questions surrounding NFA approvals in late 2019.

1934 - The Birth of American Gun Control

December 20, 2018 No comments

Most know that suppressors, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, and machine guns are regulated items under the National Firearms Act. However, many don't know the history and how the NFA came to be. In this article, we discuss the birth of the National Firearms Act.

Buying A Machine Gun

September 13, 2018 No comments

In this article, we discuss the personal ownership of machine guns. While suppressors, short barrel rifles, and short barrel shotguns are commonplace with NFA owners, machine guns are discussed much less. To many, their acquisition and ownership remain a mystery. Even though they are legal, many people are still unaware they can privately possess them.

The Benefits of Suppressed Hunting

April 20, 2018 No comments

As suppressors have become more popular over the last few years, many hunters are starting to see the benefits of using them while in the field. Being able to preserve the shooter’s hearing while hunting is certainly an obvious perk; however, there are many other benefits that may not be immediately apparent.

SilencerCo Chimera

February 9, 2018 No comments

In this article, we discuss SilencerCo's latest suppressor- the Chimera 300. With the durability of the Saker series and the size and performance of the Omega 300, the Chimera offer's an extremely durable solution for those in search of a smaller, well preforming suppressor.

Dead Air Armament Sandman K

October 6, 2017 No comments

An overview of the features and specifications of Dead Air's fourth (and shortest) member of the Sandman family.

What is first round pop?

September 13, 2017 No comments

When using a suppressor, the first shot may be louder than subsequent ones due to “first round pop.” Get to know why this occurs, where it occurs most and how to avoid first round pop.

What is the ATF Bar Code System?

August 20, 2017 3 comments

Since the announcement of the new ATF bar code system, we've received numerous emails regarding the status and use of these new bar codes. There are many rumors floating around the internet and this post will cover some of the facts behind the bar code system and answer some of the questions we've received to date.

Gemtech Suppressed Bolt Carrier Review

July 26, 2017 No comments

The AR-15 is a gas operated rifle that relies on a portion of the expanding gases produced during the firing of a round to cycle the action. Adding a silencer to the muzzle creates extra back pressure that goes above and beyond the original design consideration - a situation referred to as "overgassed". Gemtech has an option for you to consider - the Suppressed Bolt Carrier.