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​​COVID-19 Update and Remote Sales

March 25, 2020 No comments

Capitol Armory remains open for business! Our top priority is the safety of both our clients and employees. During this difficult period, we will still maintain excellent service and have implemented procedures to accomplish this while minimizing risk. Our business consists of three major parts. The sale of NFA items, the sale of accessories, and the delivery of NFA items after approval. Jumping into the middle of these three, we will examine the sale of accessories first.

Accessory Purchase and Questions

Staff is available, both in the shop and working remotely to make sure all calls and emails are addressed in a quick fashion. We can help identify the accessories you may need and assist with the sale. All accessories can be shipped directly to your house. If you're in the Austin area, this is generally only a day or two between order and delivery. For our remote customers, nothing has changed at all. For our clients in the Austin area, we recommend ordering online and we will promptly ship the items to you.

NFA Purchase Process and Remote Paperwork

Slightly more intimidating for some people is the process of ordering of NFA items remotely. Many of our remote Texas clients are already used to this process and it is a reason for their repeat business. From its inception, Capitol Armory has refined the NFA process to make it more user-friendly. We take the responsibility off your plate so you can focus on picking the perfect silencer or short barrel rifle. For remote NFA orders, we utilize in-house software designed to make the process as easy as possible. When someone in Texas orders a NFA item, they will need to complete two things. One is a customer profile tool, which will collect a photo and basic information. This tool is also where trust orders would complete that information. The second is sending us fingerprints, which is currently the challenge for many people.

On our YouTube page, linked here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMao0FhnU84, we have a video discussing how to fill out a fingerprint card and how to get your prints onto it. Fingerprinting yourself for the NFA process is completely legal and much easier than many people suspect. Capitol Armory can mail you fingerprint cards and an ink pad, and is available by clicking on the below link. https://www.capitolarmory.com/at-home-fingerprint-kit.html

After receiving the order, and the two above items, we will keep everything on file for subsequent orders. This allows people to easily order products in the future with no work on their end except a digital signature via DocuSign. For those folks out of state with a local dealer that may be temporarily closed or unable to do paperwork, you can simply select the Form 4 packet at order. With that selected, Capitol Armory will prepare the paperwork for your local dealer. You can do everything remotely with us regarding your paperwork generation. This way, when the suppressor is shipped to your local dealer he simply has to sign it and mail it off to the ATF. This allows for our out of state clients to get things moving from the comfort of their own home.

Picking up Approved NFA Items

The last matter, delivery of suppressors. For new sales, this does not affect anything as we fully believe it's a temporary issue and will pass soon. Many people are getting approvals now. As the ATF largely works remotely, we do not expect any delays or slowdown due to the current situation. We are still receiving approvals and processing them as normal. For those looking to get their approved NFA item, we strongly recommend doing the non-over-the-counter paperwork. Upon approval you will be emailed instructions on how to complete this paperwork and have the suppressor sent directly to your residence. It's simply filling out an affidavit, the 4473, and sending us a copy of your current and valid ID.

With the above measures, you can order suppressors, accessories, and have approved items mailed to you without ever having to leave your residence.

We appreciate your support and hope you all remain safe and healthy! We will keep you updated with any changes to our schedule and service.