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Quiet In The Capitol 3

March 12, 2020 No comments

Capitol Armory’s annual ‘Quiet in the Capitol’ event was a tremendous success. While it was only the third year of hosting the event, it has grown larger than any of us expected. This year we had more attendees, more manufacturers, and a more efficient system overall to reduce line times and congestion.

Adding to our list of manufacturers this year, CGS Group and Energetic Armament joined SilencerCo and Dead Air. As in previous years, the manufacturers were on site to answer questions, demo products, and enjoy the afternoon with like-minded folks. In addition to many suppressors already in the wild being shown, it was the first public demo of the unreleased Energetic Armament Lux and the prototype CGS Aether. Many folks were able to hear the SilencerCo Omega 36M for the first time and shoot the brand new Dead Air Nomad-L.

Also on the line were three tables manned by Capitol Armory volunteers. These tables showcased some of our personal favorite suppressors and host firearms, giving attendees a chance to compare different items of interest. The help from the volunteers was key to the success of the event, as they worked tirelessly all day to help move the lines efficiently and assist shooters looking to demo products. Capitol Armory also introduced discounts during the event, making any NFA purchases on site 10% off.

During the day there was plenty of free suppressed shooting, discounts, tacos, and comradery. After the event was officially over the full-auto fun started. Tables containing popular machine guns were brought out allowing free shooting of a number of suppressed select fire weapons. One table containing more exotic firearms could be accessed for a minimal fee. This was a rare chance to shoot “unicorns” such as the HK MP7 or an automatic gold-plated AK.

For 2021, expect a natural evolution for Quiet in the Capitol IV. We plan to have more sales staff, suppressors, and vendors, as well as add more food options. T-shirt sales were an unexpected success, so we will have new designs available next year.

We sincerely thank all attendees, volunteers, and manufacturers for making Quiet In the Capitol III wildly successful.