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$100 Gift Card Promotion

July 18, 2022 No comments

$100 Gift Card Promotion

Any purchase of a SilencerCo Saker ASR 556, Saker ASR 556K, or Harvester Evo will now come with a $100 gift card for Capitol Armory! This can be used for accessories, cans, or services. Simply purchase any of the three qualifying silencers and we will email you a $100 gift card for use on our website.

Saker ASR 556

The Saker ASR 556 is an evolution of one of the most influential rifle silencers made. The Saker series pioneered the user-configurable mounting system and replaceable endcaps. It's still unsurpassed in durability, and is the ultimate workhouse for anyone looking to put a silencer on a highly abusive schedule of fire. By default it ships with the SilencerCo ASR mounting system, but can also be swapped to utilize other popular solutions such as direct thread, Key-Mo, Plan B, and many others.

Saker ASR 556K

The Saker ASR 556K brings everything great about the full-size, and stuffs it into a smaller package. The 556K is shorter, slightly lighter, but still remains every bit as durable and configurable. It's a crowd favorite for those looking to put a silencer on a short barrel 5.56 rifle where length matters. It's right at home on a 10.3" SBR or machine gun, and can even handle full auto use on ultra-short 7.5" 5.56 barrels with ease.

Harvester Evo

The Harvester Evo is an ideal solution for recreational shooters and hunters. It's a bit beefier than many "hunting" oriented silencers, and can handle abuse many competitors can not. Featuring the versatile "bravo" mounting system, it is outfitted with 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 direct thread mounts from the factory. It can accept the popular SilencerCo ASR system, as well as many others. It's a fully featured silencer that comes in at a very economical price.