Purchasing with Easy Pay

Easy Pay allows you the flexibility of starting the BATFE paperwork immediately while you make three affordable payments (down payment plus two equal monthly installments) as your NFA item is pending BATFE approval. Your down payment allows us to file your transfer paperwork with the BATFE, and you pay off your balance while you wait for BATFE transfer of your NFA item.

There are just 4 easy steps to order with Easy Pay:
  1. Browse our catalog. If Easy Pay is available for the item you want, the product page will display “This item qualifies for Easy Pay.” Select “Easy Pay Installments” before you add the item to your cart.

  2. Complete your account registration and submit your order with a down payment via credit card, check, or money order ($600 down per item plus sales tax and shipping if applicable).

  3. Make two installment payments over the next two months (1 payment due each month) to pay off your Easy Pay balance. We provide your installment payment schedule, and you simply login to your Capitol Armory account to make an installment payment. You will receive a reminder email 5 days before the payment is due.

  4. Once your Easy Pay balance is paid in full and your transfer is approved by the BATFE (if NFA), you can pick up your items at Capitol Armory or have them shipped to your residence or local FFL/SOT dealer.

Please note that your order is not available for pick up or shipment until your Easy Pay order is paid in full. However, you can pay the remainder of your Easy Pay balance at any time if your approval from the BATFE arrives before your Easy Pay order is paid in full. 

Easy Pay Frequently Asked Questions

When do you file the transfer paperwork?

The $600 down payment collected at the time the order is placed starts the transfer paperwork to you, your trust, corporation or local dealer.

Are all products eligible for Easy Pay?

Most suppressors, firearms, and Class 3/NFA items are eligible for Easy Pay. Products that are eligible for Easy Pay will be identified as such on the product page with the statement “This item qualifies for Easy Pay.” Most accessories are not eligible for Easy Pay.

What are my payments?

After your initial down payment ($600 per item plus sales tax and shipping, if applicable), you will make two equal installment payments over the next two months (1 payment due each month) to pay off your Easy Pay balance.

How do I make an Easy Pay installment payment?

To make a payment, login to your Capitol Armory account and click on the Easy Pay link under the My Account heading. Then click on the "Pay" link for your Easy Pay order. Installment payments should be made on or before the due date listed for each installment in your Easy Pay order. You will receive a reminder email 5 days before a payment is due. Payments can be made via credit card, personal check, or money order.

Please Note: We do not store your credit card information so we do not automatically charge your credit card on your payment due date. You will need to initiate the payment by following the directions above.

When I make my final payment, can I pick up or have my items shipped immediately?

Possibly. This depends on whether or not your transfer has been approved by the BATFE yet. If the transfer has been approved, we will make arrangements with you to get your item(s) to you ASAP. Firearm orders do not require BATFE approval and are available for pickup upon final payment of your Easy Pay order.

What if my Easy Pay installments are past due?

It is important that you pay your installments on time. If Easy Pay products are returned to stock for delinquency of payment, all service fees and money you have paid towards the Easy Pay balance are non-refundable. Installments 30+ days past due are subject to a 10% per month deliquency charge and/or cancelation.

Can I cancel an Easy Pay order?

Easy Pay orders may be cancelled within 7 days of the order date as long as we have not initiated the BATFE transfer process. If the BATFE transfer process has been initiated, and a cancel request is made within 14 days of the order date, a 35% restocking fee will be applied to the refund amount. If your Easy Pay order is eligible for a refund, any amount remaining after applicable restocking fees are applied will be available in the form of a credit that must be used within 90 days of the credit issuance. Easy Pay service fees are non-refundable unless the balance is paid in full within 7 days of the order date.