SilencerCo Omega 45k

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Quick Overview


The SilencerCo Omega™ 45K is an exceptionally versatile suppressor.  Durable enough for extended use on sub-machine guns, the Omega 45K the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencer in it's class.  While primarily designed for 45 ACP, the Omega 45K also boasts great suppression with 9mm and even 300 Blackout in both supersonic and subsonic loadings.  

The SilencerCo Omega 45K offers the same extreme durability and suppression in an ultra compact package that you’ve come to expect from its smaller sibling, the SilencerCo Omega 9K.  


When the SilencerCo Omega 9K was released, it changed the way many people thought about pistol caliber carbine and subgun suppression.  Not only was it durable and compact, but it sounded better than many suppressors nearly twice it's length.  It was also able to suppress traditional pistols as well as 300 Blackout rifles.  The 9K's well deserved popularity grew, however it lacked the ability to be used on 40 Smith and Wesson and 45 ACP.  The Omega 45K solved this issue, expanding the caliber range with minimal added length.  Ideal for firearms such as the Kriss Vector, MAC 10, or AR's chambered in 45 ACP, the SilencerCo Omega 45K is an ideal choice for those wanting great suppression in a compact package. 


  • 10.7 ounces
  • 6.36” long
  • Supports up to 300 Blackout (supersonic)
  • Muzzle average : 137.7 (9mm), 135.9 (45), 133.5 (300 Blackout)
  • Full auto rated
  • Stellite and stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with Alpha accessories



  • 5/8x24 Alpha fixed barrel mount
  • Suppressor pouch
  • User manual





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Caliber 9mm, .40, 300BLK, .45 ACP
Weight 8.8000
Length 6.36
Diameter 1.475
Decibel Reduction / Output 9mm: 137.7, 45ACP: 135.9, 300 SUB: 133.5
Full Auto Rated Yes
Mount Direct Connect / Thread On
Thread Pitch What thread pitch do I have? No
Color Black
Finish Hard Coat Anodized
Materials Stellite & Stainless Steel
Can Be Disassembled No
Manufacturer SWR / SilencerCo
Warranty Lifetime, SilencerCo warranties stupid once
Model No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $865.00

The SilencerCo Omega™ 45K is an exceptionally versatile suppressor and is the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencer in its class. Full auto rated and usable with pistols, rifles, and submachine guns, the Omega 45K offers the same extreme durability in an ultra compact package that you’ve come to expect from its smaller sibling, the SilencerCo Omega 9K, and is compatible with 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .45 LC and both subsonic and supersonic .300 BLK.



  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Length: 6.36"
  • Diameter: 1.48"
  • Caliber: 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 300BLK
  • Muzzle Average: 9mm: 137.7 dB, 45ACP: 135.9 dB, 300 BLK Sub: 133.5 dB

Ask a Question

  • How was the gas to the face and blow back with the Omega 45k/Sig MPX combination? Looking to purchase this combination real soon.
    All of us at Capitol Armory do not believe the MPX is over gassed and one of our favorite combinations with the MPX is the Omega 9/45k.
  • Will it come apart for cleaning

    The Omega 45k is a sealed suppressor, but you'll never need to clean it. The only time we need to clean suppressors is when we shoot 22lr or unjacketed ammunition. If you are shooting jacketed centerfire pistol ammo, you'll never need to clean your suppressor.

  • The description looks so close to the 9K, for the life of me, I don't see a difference other than cal. options and length. The 45k is longer so a little more front end wt. For pairing with a 300 blk, 10.5" barrel, which makes the most sense? Both are sui

    The biggest difference is caliber and length. To our ears, the 45k sounds a tad bit better on 300 but it is negligible. Go with 45k for versatility and 9k for a reduction in OAL and weight.