Huxwrx Flow 556 MG

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The Flow 556 MG from Huxwrx is designed for hard use on select-fire weapons.  Its Inconel construction provides enough durability for extended use with exceptionally aggressive schedules of fire.  For those who need to quiet down an M249, keep the cyclic rate perfect on their select-fire Scar 16, or just want a silencer in their arsenal should things go sideways, the Flow 556 MG fits the bill.   With no minimum barrel length restrictions, it can be successfully used even on the shortest PDWs.

Huxwrx set the standard for ultra-low backpressure with their Flow-Through tech.  The lack of backpressure provides several benefits not seen in traditionally baffled silencers.  The weapon fires more naturally, reducing wear and tear on components.  It also provides a recoil reduction and maintains a normal bolt velocity.   With select-fire weapons, the cyclic rate remains the same.  This is important in many machine guns to maintain controllability over the firearm.  On top of those benefits, the Flow 556 MG also prevents toxic and irritating gasses from being directed into the operator's face.  

To install the Huxwrx Flow 556 MG, it quickly screws onto Huxwrx's Torque Lock muzzle devices.  This system tightens under fire, preventing unwanted loosening of the can at the worst times.  It's the same system used in the popular Flow 556K, Flow 556 Ti, Flow 762 Ti, and others. 

This version features a Flat Dark Earth cerakote finish.



  • FDE Cerakote finish
  • Full Inconel construction
  • Designed for full-auto use
  • No barrel length restrictions
  • Zero backpressure
  • <5% change in bolt velocity
  • Maintains standard cyclic rate



  • Silencer
  • Sticker
  • Multitool



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Caliber .223, 5.56mm
Weight 18.6000
Length 6.8
Diameter 1.8"
Decibel Reduction / Output Not Provided
Full Auto Rated Yes
Mount HUXWRX Torque Lock
Thread Pitch What thread pitch do I have? Multiple Thread Pitchs Available
Color Flat Dark Earth
Finish Cerakote
Materials Inconel
Can Be Disassembled No
Manufacturer HUXWRX
Warranty Lifetime
Model No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No
Huxwrx Flow 556 MG

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