Gemtech Quickmount Flash Hider

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The Gemtech QUICKMOUNT flash hider is a precision machined, heat treated suppressor adapter. Designed for use with the GMT-556QM, HVT, G5, G5-T and Gemtech Quicksand suppressor.The 5.56mm quickmounts are designed to work on both 556 and 762 suppressors. Available in a variety of thread pitches (see below) including the VORTEX in 5/8x24. GEMTECH and Smith Enterprises joined forces to offer a QUICKMOUNT version of the proven Vortex flash hider (5/8-24 only). This gives the best flash reduction available when using your rifle with or without the suppressor mounted.

Manufacturer Gemtech
Color No
Weight No
Length No
Compatibility Gemtech G5, Gemtech HVT / Quicksand
Model No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $100.00

The Gemtech 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT is a precision machined, heat treated suppressor adapter. It is available in a number of thread patterns to fit most popular 7.62mm rifles currently on the market. 

The Standard 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT fits our HVT, QUICKSAND and older TPR-S suppressors.  It features a more conventional flash hider design, and is available in the most thread pitches for a wide variety of host weapons, such as: 5/8-24 (DPMS, Armalite, etc.), M18x1mm (Sako TRG or Tikka, Blaser LRS), M18x1.5 (Accuracy International), M14x1mm LH (AK-47), 9/16-24 LH ( FN FAL), and 1/2-28 (does not fit 5.56mm suppressors, some 6.8SPC and 6.5 rifles use this pitch, and it may be used to fit an HVT or QUICKSAND for subcaliber usage on 5.56mm weapons), M15x1mm (HK 91),and M13x1mm RH ( Galil).

As a safety feature, Gemtech 5.56mm suppressors will *not* fit onto 7.62mm adapters.

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