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Product Showcase - SilencerCo Switchback

May 31, 2022 No comments

The SilencerCo Switchback is one of the most unique and versatile rimfire suppressors on the market. There are a lot of bullet points that can be used to show technical specifications. While impressive on paper, many of these don't demonstrate the true essence of the Switchback. Full auto rated, able to handle 5.7, and titanium and stainless construction are all fantastic, but in this article we're going to go a step deeper to examine what sets the Switchback apart from the competition.

Long, Short, or even Medium

One of the most obvious factors in the Switchback is the configurable length. In its full-size setup, it is 5.75" long. Modules can be removed to bring it down to a medium length of 3.59" or an ultra-compact length of only 2.5." This allows the user to have a footprint and decibel reduction tailored to their specific needs. For specific numbers and details on performance between the lengths, we'll dive into the math shortly.

Flip the Baffles

The Switchback has a trick up its sleeve that many folks overlook. Ironically, the silencer is named after this ability. The Switchback can be run in a standard configuration or a rifle optimized variant. By rotating the longer section of baffles near the end of the silencer, it can significantly reduce the audio signature. Doing so makes an extremely quiet silencer and it's now the most impressive muffler on the market. With a 22LR bolt action rifle, the report at the muzzle is nearly the same volume as a dry fire.

Pistol Numbers

Using a Ruger 22/45 Lite as a host, the Switchback metered 113.5dB in its standard configuration. This is right on par with the top sounding rimfire cans on the market. In its rifle optimized setup, the Switchback metered at 122.0dB. While there certainly was performance degradation, it was still certainly hearing safe. The medium length setup was 128.8dB and the ultra-short was 140.8dB. For the most enjoyable experience, our recommendation is to use the standard or medium length on pistols.

Rifle Numbers

Here's where we break down previous silencer expectations and show just what the Switchback is capable of. The standard and medium configurations both metered in the 113dB area, which is respectable. Impressively, the medium configuration exhibited no performance decrease over the standard size. The short was still 118.0, which is the performance of some competitors at only 1/3rd the length.

But that's not what makes the Switchback unique. In its rifle-optimized form it metered at 107.2dB on average. The high was 108.7dB and the low 106.1dB. To put things into perspective, we metered the firing pin dropping on a Remington 700 at roughly 107dB. This not only makes it the quietest 22 suppressor you can get, but makes it difficult to even drop those numbers lower as the physical movements of the firearm start to become louder than the shot itself.

Switchback Video

We go over the Switchback in detail and visually show how to configure and maintain SilencerCo's flagship 22. Click here to watch!