The ATF 41F rule update multiplied the paperwork required for both dealers and consumers purchasing NFA items. Capitol Armory addressed the problem by developing a software system that generates a Form 4 in seconds instead of the 20+ minutes it takes a traditional dealer to fill out the various forms required for transfer. Our software also incorporates digital signatures, which eliminates the need for all parties to be present to sign forms and saves the customer and any co-trustees time and money.

We've submitted tens of thousands of Form 4s and know the rules and nuances at the NFA Branch. Not only do we have the inventory you want, but we also have the knowledge and systems in place to make your transfer foolproof and hassle free.


  • Purchase online and never step in the shop. If you are a TX resident, we can ship to your doorstep.
  • Digital signatures - Sign your paperwork from a PC or mobile phone.
  • ATF barcodes - Eliminate data entry delays and errors at the ATF.
  • Digital fingerprint storage - Make an appointment near you to get your fingerprints taken once. We will scan/store them for future use.


For the past 12 months, we've been utilizing our digital system for all of our Texas customers. However, we now offer our Form 4 service to all customers nationwide regardless of your state of residence. This is an optional service for our out of state customers. If you live outside of Texas and would like Capitol Armory to generate your Form 4 paperwork, simply add the BATFE Form 4 Packet service to your cart with each purchase. Once we have your information and prints on file, you'll simply digitally sign the forms and we'll include the entire Form 4 packet with your NFA item when it ships to your local dealer. All you'll have to do is include a check to the ATF, have your dealer sign where indicated, and drop the paperwork in the mail. Utilize our expertise to make the entire transfer process quick and easy.