Through July 15, 2018, customers are eligible to receive up to 3 FREE Warlocks, Spectres, or Octanes from SilencerCo. To qualify, you'll need to spend at least $700 on SilencerCo suppressors between 6/15/18 and 7/15/18.

For every:

$700 you spend on SilencerCo suppressors, you qualify for a FREE Spectre or Warlock

$800 you spend on SilencerCo suppressors, you qualify for a FREE Octane 9, 45, or 45k

Up to 3 FREE!

Spend $2400 and get 3 free Octanes.

Spend $1500 and get one free Octane and one free rimfire suppressor.




1) All details can be found via SilencerCo:

2) Suppressor purchases must be registered with SilencerCo by 7/30/18 to qualify. You can do so here: . If a single SilencerCo purchase qualifies for for more than one free suppressor, please email all information found on the register link to and a customer service rep will assist you with your registration.

3) Customer must submit proof of purchase with serial number to SilencerCo. An email receipt with all necessary information, including serial number, is provided immediately upon purchase from Capitol Armory. 

4) Free suppressors are fulfilled by SilencerCo. Please allow up to 4 months for fulfillment. 

5) Customers are responsible for the tax stamp on each free suppressor.

6) For free suppressors earned with purchases through Capitol Armory, we will collect $215 per free suppressor to cover the $200 ATF tax stamp and banking fees. The fees for your free suppressors will be collected when each one arrives at Capitol Armory.

7) Per SilencerCo, all items must be paid in full before 7/30/18 to qualify. Capitol Armory easy pay orders must be paid in full by 7/30/18 to qualify.

8) SilencerCo promo may be stacked with Capitol Armory promotions. 

9) Maximum 3 free suppressors per customer.

10) All SilencerCo suppressors, including the Maxim 9 qualify.

11) Orders can be combined throughout the 30 day window to qualify for the SilencerCo promo.

12)  Serial numbers are provided upon order completion via email. Orders that have been registered with SilencerCo are non refundable. Order cancellations are subject to a $35 restocking fee per suppressor to verify each have not been registered with SilencerCo.