Have you wondered how the new SilencerCo Hybrid 46M sounds on a 45-70? Want to hear the new 8.6 Blackout or Thunder Beast's new 50 cal suppressor? Perhaps you're deciding between a Dead Air Nomad-Ti and a CGS Helios QD TI on an AR-15. Or, maybe you want to shoot the latest Rugged or Otter Creek suppressors before any of your friends. If you're searching for your ideal suppressor or need to convince a friend or family member about the benefits of suppressed shooting, Capitol Armory has you covered. This suppressed-only event is an opportunity for all the above at no cost to you. Plus, 11 of the largest manufacturers in the industry will be available for all your questions.


No RSVPs or tickets are required, and this suppressed-only event is FREE for anyone to attend. Simply show up with your friends and family to experience suppressors with Capitol Armory, the nation's largest NFA dealer. The gates will open at 9:00 am and the quiet shooting will begin at 10:00 am. Quiet in the Capitol is a rain-or-shine event, and we'll have plenty of parking, seating, food, and beverages on hand so you can hang out the entire day.



Purchases made at the event will qualify for an event discount, and we've heard rumors of giveaways! All firearms and suppressors will be provided by Capitol Armory and the 10 suppressor manufacturers in attendance.  Gorilla Ammunition will be on-site to showcase their subsonic offerings and let you hear their quiet ammunition firsthand at the demonstration tables. The American Suppressor Association will be on-site to educate the benefits of suppressed shooting and give away a customized Noveske9 SBR + SilencerCo Omega 9k package.

Our last event brought in over 1500 like-minded individuals, so to accommodate an even larger crowd, we’ve increased the size of our main range and added a second range to allow additional demonstration tables. Representatives from your favorite brands will be on hand to help demonstrate their latest wares: Burn Proof Gear, CGS Group, Dead Air Silencers, Energetic Armament, Gorilla Ammo, Griffin Armament, Huxwrx, JK Armament, Otter Creek, Rugged Suppressors, YHM, SilencerCo and Thunder Beast. Jim Willi of will assist new customers with on-site purchases, and fingerprinting machines will be available for all new customers.


Purchase a suppressor on-site and you'll enjoy a discount on NFA items purchased at the event. Bring a friend or family member new to Capitol Armory or the industry, and you'll both enjoy an additional discount!



Ever wanted to shoot an automatic weapon from your favorite movie or game? Machine guns will be on hand for all Capitol Armory fans. The automatic fun begins around 5:00 pm and ends at dusk. Most can be shot free of charge, but some rare or belt-fed versions will be available at an additional charge to cover the cost of ammunition. 


March 4, 2023 10:00AM - 4:00PM


Private range courtesy of Manchaca Suppressors and Rifleworks and conveniently located in south Austin:

3001 D Old Bliss Spillar Rd

Manchaca, TX 78652

Look for the Capitol Armory signage off Hwy 1626. Google Maps or your favorite GPS app is your friend. Capitol Armory will not be able to provide directions from your specific location.


Take IH-10 to HWY 71. Near Bastrop, go West on HWY 21. Go North on Toll Road 130 and West on Toll Road 45. Head North on IH-35 and exit shortly thereafter for HWY 1626. Head West on 1626 to Bliss Spillar Rd and make a right. Make a left on Old Bliss Spillar Rd.


Take IH-35 South to HWY 1626 in South Austin. Head West on 1626 to Bliss Spillar Rd and make a right. Make a left on Old Bliss Spillar Rd.


Take IH-35 North to HWY 1626 in Kyle, TX. Head West on 1626 to Bliss Spillar Rd and make a left. Make another left on Old Bliss Spillar Rd.


Enjoy quiet shooting south of Austin in Manchaca, TX. All firearms, ammunition, and suppressors are provided by Capitol Armory. No tickets or purchases are required. For liability purposes, we ask that customers not bring their firearms or ammunition to shoot.

All attendees must sign a liability release before entry. Each attendee may fill one out prior to speed up their entry process.


Due to time limitations, Capitol Armory cannot provide your "jailed" suppressor for you. We will have demo suppressors for your use. Ear protection will be available for your use, but please bring your eye protection.

QUIET IV - 2022 - VIDEO :