Rugged Surge 762

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Quick Overview

The Surge 762 from Rugged gives users the option between a 7.5" and 9" suppressor in one tax stamp, eliminating the purchasing decision between a full size or compact can.  The ADAPT Modular Technology allows the shooter to change sizes with ease, configuring the suppressor for what is most important at that specific time.  

The quick detach Dual Taper Locking System ensures the Surge 762 suppressor has no wobble, and keeps constant spring pressure on the mount to ensure a solid lockup regardless of metal expansion from heating and cooling cycles.  This allows for fantastic accuracy, without having to sacrifice the ease of use on a quick detach mount.  

With unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, the Rugged Surge 762 is made from stainless steel with a Stellite baffle stack.  Engraving is placed over the thickest cross section of the suppressor tube to ensure trouble free replacement should the suppressor be abused and damaged beyond repair.  The Rugged Surge 762 has an unconditional lifetime warranty and will be repaired or replaced free of charge should something happen to it.  


Decibel Testing Results

9" Configuration
Remington 700 (.308) - 136.6 dB
8.3" AR-15 (300 Blackout) - 120.8
16" AR-15 (5.56 NATO) - 135.0
Remington 700 (300 Blackout) - 121.3

 7.5" Configuration

Remington 700 (.308) - 139.7 dB
8.3" AR-15 (300 Blackout) - 128.0
16" AR-15 (5.56 NATO) - 137.7
Remington 700 (300 Blackout) - 127.0


To view a video overview and dB reduction testing Click Here

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MSRP: $1,300.00 Our Price: $945.00 Save 27%

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Caliber 7.62x39, .223, 5.56mm, 300BLK, .308, 7.62mm, .300 Win Mag, .300 Ultra Mag, 6.8 SPC, 6.5
Weight 21.5000
Length 9" - 7.5"
Diameter 1.5"
Decibel Reduction / Output 300BLK - 120dB , 762 - 136dB, 556 - 135dB
Full Auto Rated Yes
Mount Rugged Quick Detach Dual Taper
Thread Pitch What thread pitch do I have? Multiple Thread Pitchs Available
Color Black
Finish Cerakote
Materials Stellite and Stainless Steel
Can Be Disassembled No
Manufacturer Rugged
Warranty Unconditional Lifetime Warrenty
Model No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $1,300.00

Introducing the Surge 762™—a suppressor on your own terms.  Now you don’t have to choose between a short suppressor and a long one.  You don’t have to buy two, won't have to pay a tax stamp twice, smudge your fingerprints twice, or wait 6 to 8 months (at best) twice.  The Surge 762 features ADAPT™ Modular Technology that lets you change sizes with ease—so you can jump from a bolt-action to SBR in seconds.  It’s the lightest 762 suppressor in its class by two ounces, it’s tough as nails, and you get two lengths with one innovative suppressor.  The Surge 762 features a patent pending quick detach Dual Taper Locking System™ that ensures wobble free firing. Constant spring pressure on the rear taper keeps the mount securely locked against the front taper regardless of metal expansion associated with repeated heating and cooling cycles.  When it’s attached to the muzzle device or flash hider (included with every Surge 762), your rifle and Surge 762 become one.  It starts with a single 2.8 lb piece of hardened 17-4PH stainless steel.  We machine the 17-4 into the Surge 762’s mount and expansion chamber.  This provides an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, while minimizing the distortion normally associated with heat treat and welding processes.  Its baffles are made from Stellite™ for peak heat and abrasion resistance. Finally, we strategically place the engraving over the thickest cross section of the tube for fast and easy replacement should the suppressor become damaged beyond repair. 


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