CAT WB - White Bread

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Like Wonder Bread, there’s a special kind of magic in CAT’s White Bread (WB). This 5.56mm suppressor represents a significant advancement in suppressor technology, showcasing a distinctive internal pressure dynamic system, referred to as SURGE BYPASS©, which manages the flow of gases more efficiently over a reduced length, minimizing both sound and felt recoil for the shooter. The specific DMLS engineering and internal structuring of WB channels gases through multiple pressure zones, ensuring that sound waves are diffused and attenuated in a manner that offers superior high pitch, high frequency noise reduction but also aids in minimizing pressure wave propagation for the shooter in confined spaces. What truly places WB at the forefront of the squad weapon suppressor segment is its market-leading durability. Metallurgically printed from proprietary high-grade materials and subjected to rigorous testing standards, WB is built to endure the harshest of operational conditions. Its robust construction ensures that it remains resistant to extreme temperatures, corrosion, and the mechanical stresses of rapid firing. Such resilience makes it an ideal choice from elite military professionals to civilian enthusiasts. When it comes to balancing performance with longevity, WB is undoubtedly the leading all-round 5.56mm suppressor in the world today.



  • Surge Bypass tech - zero backpressure
  • HUB/Bravo mounting system
  • Ultra-lightweight (Titanium version)
  • Ultra-durable (Inconel version)
  • Zero muzzle blast/concussion
  • Superior flash reduction
  • Silencer
  • 1/2x28 direct thread mount



Caliber .223, 5.56mm
Weight 6.9000
Length 5.45
Diameter 1.618"
Decibel Reduction / Output Not Provided
Full Auto Rated Yes
Mount 1.375x24 - HUB/Bravo
Thread Pitch What thread pitch do I have? 1/2x28
Color Black
Finish DLC
Materials Available in Titanium and Inconel versions
Can Be Disassembled No
Manufacturer CAT
Warranty Lifetime
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $1,190.00


No more white noise, no more talk about “we make the best suppressors”, and no more picking a few design points to make yourself sleep better at night. There’s only one Old Dirty Bastard at this banquet, and he’s taking all the ladies home.

Are you tired of watching your precious suppressor turn into a sad, mushy mess? Well, fret no more! With the Old Dirty Bastard (ODB), it’s only the VIP room for you from now on, our friend. When crafting a first of its kind, multi-pressure flow suppressor for 7.62mm, CAT’s R&D engineers combined SURGE BYPASS© technology and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) to optimize the internal structures of ODB with remarkable precision, achieving intricate flow paths, geometries, and features that wouldn’t be possible with conventional machining. This capability has led to decreased size and weight, dynamic gas flow management, reduced sound signatures over multiple frequencies, outstanding pressure wave propagation, and superior durability. This development customization leads ODB to be more efficient, sophisticated, and tailored for specific shooting scenarios ranging from CQB to precision long rifle, with varied ammunition loads over all direct suppressor competitors.



  • Ultra-low backpressure (Surge Bypass)
  • HUB/Bravo mounting system
  • Ultra-lightweight (Titanium version)
  • Ultra-durable (Inconel version)
  • Zero concussion
  • Amazing and unique tone
  • Silencer
  • 5/8x24 direct thread mount




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